MP (Madhya Pradesh) ITI (Industrial Training Institute) Course

Dirctorate of Skill Development, Madhya Pradesh - Online Examination Course

S.No.Course_NameQualificationDuration (In Years)
1-------- Deleted Extra------------12th2
2Agricultural Machineries (NCVT)10th1
3Agricultural Machineries (SCVT)10th1
4Apparel (Garment Making) (NCVT)10th1
5Apparel (Garment Making) (SCVT)10th1
6Architectural Assistant (NCVT)10th1
7Architectural Assistant (SCVT)10th1
9Auto-electricals & Air-conditioning in Automobiles (NCVT)th0.5
10Auto-electricals & Air-conditioning in Automobiles (SCVT)th0.5
11Automobile (NCVT)10th1
12Automobile (SCVT)10th1
13Building Construction (NCVT)8th1
14Building Construction (SCVT)8th1
15CAD/CAM (NCVT)th0.5
16CAD/CAM (SCVT)th0.5
17Carpentar (NCVT)8th1
18Carpenter (SCVT)8th1
19Central Air-conditioning Plant Cooling & Package (NCVT)0th0.5
20Central Air-conditioning Plant Cooling & Package (SCVT)0th0.5
21CNC Machining (NCVT)th0.5
22CNC Machining (SCVT)th0.5
23Cold Storage & Ice Plant & Ice Candy Plant (NCVT)0th0.5
24Cold Storage & Ice Plant & Ice Candy Plant (SCVT)8th0.5
25Computer aided Pattern Making (NCVT)th0.5
26Computer aided Pattern Making (SCVT)th0.5
27Computer Networking (NCVT)0th0.5
28Computer Networking (SCVT)0th0.5
29Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (NCVT)10th1
30Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (SCVT)10th1
31Concrete Technology (NCVT)th0.5
32Concrete Technology (SCVT)th0.5
33Construction & Wood Working (NCVT)10th1
34Construction & Wood Working (SCVT)10th1
35Cutting & Sewing (NCVT)8th1
36Cutting & Sewing (SCVT)8th1
37Data Entry Operator (NCVT)10th0.5
38Data Entry Operator (SCVT)10th0.5
39Dental Laboratory Technician (NCVT)10th2
40Dental Laboratory Technician (SCVT)10th2
41Desktop Publishing Operator (NCVT)12th1
42Desktop Publishing Operator (SCVT)12th1
43Diesel Mechanic (NCVT)10th1
44Diesel Mechanic (SCVT)10th1
45Digital Photographer (NCVT)12th1
46Digital Photographer (SCVT)12th1
47Doffer cum Peecer (NCVT)8th0.5
48Doffer cum Peecer (SCVT)8th0.5
49Domestic Commercial Refrigeration & Air-conditioning (NCVT)th0.5
50Domestic Commercial Refrigeration & Air-conditioning (SCVT)th0.5
51Draughtsman Civil (NCVT)10th2
52Draughtsman Civil (SCVT)10th2
53Draughtsman Mechanical (NCVT)10th2
54Draughtsman Mechanical (SCVT)10th2
55Dress Making (NCVT)10th1
56Dress Making (SCVT)10th1
57Driver cum Mechanic (NCVT)10th0.5
58Driver cum Mechanic (SCVT)10th0.5
59Echo Tourism (NCVT)th0.5
60Echo Tourism (SCVT)th0.5
61Electrical Sector (NCVT)10th1
62Electrical Sector (SCVT)10th1
63Electrician (NCVT)10th2
64Electrician (SCVT)10th2
65Electronics-CoE (NCVT)10th1
66Electronics-CoE (SCVT)10th1
67Electroplater (NCVT)10th2
68Electroplater (SCVT)10th2
69Embedded System & PLC (NCVT)th0.5
70Embedded System & PLC (SCVT)th0.5
71Fabrication ( Fitting & Welding) (NCVT)10th1
72Fabrication ( Fitting & Welding) (SCVT)10th1
73Farm work & Bar Bending (NCVT)th0.5
74Farm work & Bar Bending (SCVT)th0.5
75Fashion Designing (NCVT)th0.5
76Fashion Designing (SCVT)th0.5
77Fashion Technology (NCVT)12th1
78Fashion Technology (SCVT)12th1
79Finished Leather Maker (NCVT)8th1
80Finished Leather Maker (SCVT)8th1
81Fitter (NCVT)10th2
82Fitter (SCVT)10th2
83Food Beverage (NCVT)th0.5
84Food Beverage (SCVT)th0.5
85Food Processing (NCVT)10th1
86Food Processing (SCVT)10th1
87Forger & Heat Treater (NCVT)10th1
88Forger & Heat Treater (SCVT)10th1
89Foundry men (NCVT)8th1
90Foundry men (SCVT)8th1
91Front Office Assistant (SCVT)12th0.5
92Fruit & Vegetables Processing (NCVT)th0.5
93Fruit & Vegetables Processing (SCVT)th0.5
94Hair & Skin Care (NCVT)10th1
95Hair & Skin Care (SCVT)10th1
96Health Sanitary Inspector (NCVT)12th1
97Health Sanitary Inspector (SCVT)12th1
98Hospital House Keeping (NCVT)12th1
99Hospital House Keeping (SCVT)12th1
100Hospitality Management10th0.6
101Industrial Electronics (NCVT)10th2
102Industrial Electronics (SCVT)10th2
103Information Technology & Electronic Service Mainte (NCVT)10th2
104Information Technology & Electronic Service Mainte (SCVT)10th2
105Information Technology (NCVT)10th1
106Information Technology (SCVT)10th1
107Instrument Mechanic (NCVT)10th2
108Instrument Mechanic (SCVT)10th2
109Interior Decoration and Designing (SCVT)10th1
110Inverters, UPS, Voltage Stabilizers & Industrial Drives (NCVT)th0.5
111Inverters, UPS, Voltage Stabilizers & Industrial Drives (SCVT)th0.5
112Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)10th1
113Leather Goods Maker (NCVT)8th1
114Leather Goods Maker (SCVT)8th1
115Library & Information Science (SCVT)12th0.5
116Litho Offset Machine Minder (NCVT)10th1
117Litho Offset Machine Minder (SCVT)10th1
118Machinist Composite (NCVT)10th2
119Machinist Composite (SCVT)10th2
120Machinist Grinder (NCVT)10th2
121Machinist Grinder (SCVT)10th2
122Manufacture of Footwear (NCVT)8th1
123Manufacture of Footwear (SCVT)8th1
124Manufacturing of Jigs & Fixtures (NCVT)th0.5
125Manufacturing of Jigs & Fixtures (SCVT)th0.5
126Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics( SCVT)10th0.6
127Mechanic Computer Hardware (NCVT)12th2
128Mechanic Computer Hardware (SCVT)12th2
129Mechanic Electronics (NCVT)10th2
130Mechanic Electronics (SCVT)10th2
131Mechanic Industrial Electronics (SCVT)10th2
132Mechanic Medical Electronics (NCVT)10th2
133Mechanic Medical Electronics (SCVT)10th2
134Mechanic Radio & Television (NCVT)10th2
135Mechanic Radio & Television (SCVT)10th2
136Mechanic Refrigeration & Air-conditioning (NCVT)10th2
137Mechanic Refrigeration & Air-conditioning (SCVT)10th2
138Milk & Milk Products (NCVT)th0.5
139Milk & Milk Products (SCVT)th0.5
140Modern Construction Techniques & Management (SCVT)10th0.6
141Motor Mechanic (NCVT)10th2
142Motor Mechanic (SCVT)10th2
143Multimedia & Webpage Designing (NCVT)0th0.5
144Multimedia & Webpage Designing (SCVT)0th0.5
145Needing With Hand Machine (NCVT)8th0.5
146Needing With Hand Machine (SCVT)8th0.5
147Needle Embroidery (NCVT)8th1
148Needle Embroidery (SCVT)8th1
150Office Assistant cum Computer Operator 1
151Office Assistant cum Computer Operator (SCVT)12th1
152Operation & Maintenance of Equipment used in HT/LT Station & Cable Joint (NCVT)th0.5
153Operation & Maintenance of Equipment used in HT/LT Station & Cable Joint (SCVT)th0.5
154Overhauling of Fuel Injection System & Steering (NCVT)th0.5
155Overhauling of Fuel Injection System & Steering (SCVT)th0.5
156Painter General (NCVT)8th2
157Painter General (SCVT)8th2
158Painting Interior Decoration (NCVT)8th1
159Painting Interior Decoration (SCVT)8th1
160Physiotherapy Technician (NCVT)12th1
161Physiotherapy Technician (SCVT)12th1
162Plastic Processing Operator (NCVT)10th1
163Plastic Processing Operator (SCVT)10th1
164Plate Maker-cum-Impositer (NCVT)10th1
165Plate Maker-cum-Impositer (SCVT)10th1
166Plumber (NCVT)8th1
167Plumber (SCVT)8th1
168Pre/Preparatory School Management (Assistant) (NCVT)10th0.5
169Pre/Preparatory School Management (Assistant) (SCVT)10th0.5
170Preservation of Foods & Vegetable (NCVT)10th0.5
171Preservation of Foods & Vegetable (SCVT)10th0.5
172Press Tools Jigs & Fixtures (NCVT)10th3
173Press Tools Jigs & Fixtures (SCVT)10th3
174Printing Technician (NCVT)10th1
175Printing Technician (SCVT)10th1
176Process Plant Electrical Equipment Maintenance & R8th0.5
177Process Plant Electrical Equipment Maintenance & Repairing (NCVT)th0.5
178Process Plant Maintenance (NCVT)10th1
179Process Plant Maintenance (SCVT)10th1
180Process Plant Mechanical & Repairing Equipment (NCVT)th0.5
181Process Plant Mechanical & Repairing Equipment (SCVT)th0.5
182Process Plant Refrigeration & Air-conditioning (NCVT)th0.5
183Process Plant Refrigeration & Air-conditioning (SCVT)th0.5
184Production & Manufacturing (NCVT)10th1
185Production & Manufacturing (SCVT)10th1
186Radio, Audio & Video system & Appliance (NCVT)th0.5
187Radio, Audio & Video system & Appliance (SCVT)th0.5
188Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning-CoE (NCVT)10th1
189Refrigeration & Air-conditioning-CoE (SCVT)10th1
190Repair & Maintenance of Domestic Appliances (NCVT)th0.5
191Repair & Maintenance of Domestic Appliances (SCVT)th0.5
192Repair & Maintenance of M/C & Power Supply (NCVT)th0.5
193Repair & Maintenance of M/C & Power Supply (SCVT)th0.5
194Repairer & maintenance of Hardware of Computer and (NCVT)0th0.5
195Repairer & maintenance of Hardware of Computer and (SCVT)0th0.5
196Repairer & Maintenance of Harvesting Machine (NCVT)th0.5
197Repairer & Maintenance of Harvesting Machine (SCVT)th0.5
198Repairer Maintenance & Overhauling of Tractor (NCVT)th0.5
199Repairer Maintenance & Overhauling of Tractor (SCVT)th0.5
200Repairer Maintenance of Post Harvesting/Processing Machines (NCVT)th0.5
201Repairer Maintenance of Post Harvesting/Processing Machines (SCVT)th0.5
202Sanitary hardware Fitter(NCVT)8th0.6
203Sanitary hardware Fitter(SCVT) 0.5
204Secretarial Practice (NCVT)12th1
205Secretarial Practice (SCVT)12th1
206servicing & Overhauling of Automobiles (Diesel) (NCVT)th0.5
207servicing & Overhauling of Automobiles (Diesel) (SCVT)th0.5
208servicing & Overhauling of Automobiles (Petrol) (SCVT)10th0.5
209Servicing and Overhauling of Automobile (Petrol) (NCVT)th0.5
210Servicing and Overhauling of Automobile (Petrol) (SCVT)10th0.5
211Sheet Metal Worker (NCVT)8th1
212Sheet Metal Worker (SCVT)8th1
213Shirts & Trousers (NCVT)th0.5
214Shirts & Trousers (SCVT)th0.5
215Stenography English (NCVT)12th1
216Stenography English (SCVT)12th1
217Stenography Hindi (NCVT)12th1
218Stenography Hindi (SCVT)12th1
219Structural Welding (NCVT)th0.5
220Structural Welding (SCVT)th0.5
221Structural/Pressure Part Fitting (NCVT)th0.5
222Structural/Pressure Part Fitting (SCVT)th0.5
223Surveyor (NCVT)10th2
224Surveyor (SCVT)10th2
225Tenter (NCVT)8th0.5
226Tenter (SCVT)8th0.5
227Textile Machineries Fitter (NCVT)10th1
228Textile Machineries Fitter (SCVT)10th1
229TIG/MIG Welding (NCVT)th0.5
230TIG/MIG Welding (SCVT)th0.5
231Tour & Travel Management (NCVT)th0.5
232Tour & Travel Management (SCVT)th0.5
233Tourism (NCVT)10th1
234Tourism (SCVT)10th1
235Tourist Guide (NCVT)12th0.5
236Tractor Mechanic (NCVT)8th1
237Tractor Mechanic (SCVT)8th1
238Turner (NCVT)10th2
239Turner (SCVT)10th2
240Welder (Gas & Electric) (NCVT)8th1
241Welder (Gas & Electric) (SCVT)8th1
242Winder (Textile) (NCVT)10th0.5
243Winder (Textile) (SCVT)10th0.5
244Wiremen (NCVT)8th2
245Wiremen (SCVT)8th2
246Woodwork in Construction (NCVT)th0.5
247Woodwork in Construction (SCVT)th0.5
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